Monday, December 01, 2008

Joar Falstad - Low cost industrial IO

Combine standard Industrial I/O cards and a multimedia PC

The idea is to make the use of low-cost , massproduced industrial I/O cards in conjunction with a multimedia PC easy , yet powerful and flexible.

Joar Falstad - Low cost industrial IO

Joar Falstad - " I'm a self employed service engineer in my own company Jo Tech Service  in Norway " , working with the same products & more ."
  • Advanced automatic spot announcing machine
  • Time & masterfile controlled analog conversion
  • Alarm generator for ships , schematic
  • PLC add on / PLC controlled analog multiplexer schematic
Composing examples using lowcost massproduced industrial standard analog / digital I/O cards :

Special ideas, programming  and news

Standard analog  digital I/O cards  Interface to PC

The function of an indirect regulator  like a thermostate, a textfile listing the correct unitvalues and the PC-clock was  the main  components used while composing / writing this program  . A non complex  program idea . This program is easy to learn and  accurate in practical use 

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